Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Style Change

So I've re-drawn just about the entire comic, and am currently filling in the colors. I added a chase seen at the beginning which altered the pacing of the entire book. In doing so, I took a look back at what I'd drawn and realized my style had drastically changed while working on this book over the course of the past year. So, I went back and updated some pages, redrew some others, and am now, again, almost done.

How have things changed? The biggest difference is in how
Martin has opened up as a character. Here are some originals vs. current drawings.

I actually like the drawing on the left a lot, but that's just not who the character is anymore.
The new Martin is more cartoony. He also features crisper lines.

And now, a bunch of recently drawn Martins (and some birds).

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