Friday, May 27, 2011

Cover Art for an Indie Rock album

My roommate asked me to do some potential cover art for the re-issue of his latest album. The art for the original version was under negotiation withthe artists, and they wanted something to fall back on in case the original art work fell through. Here is what the original looked like:

Alex asked for a cover that featured a brightly-colored girl with a round, blank face staring back at the viewer, in the center of a white cover, with some script in black with the band name above. Ultimately, they were able to get the rights to the original art, so they're going with that.

Here is what I came up with nonetheless:

Monday, May 16, 2011

Animation! Sorta! :/

I have started working with animation a little bit. I'd like to move up to music videos at some point, but since I just downloaded Adobe After Effects a few hours ago and haven't started watching the tutorials really yet, this is all I have.

It's not even proper animation, or even a new image. I keep reusing images from earlier in the blog, which is a little sad and repetitive, but it was the most fully realized drawing I was willing to share at this point.

Still. Now I know I can do this.

Music by my roommate.

UPDATE: The YouTube embedding option doesn't seem to work too well with my blog. Which is weird, because Blogger and YouTube are both owned by Google.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

"They said don't touch the idol!"

(click for larger)

I've been working on a splash page for either a mini-comic or a new opening to my comic submission. I'm undecided. Here is the incomplete drawing, still in need of some touching up and eventually a word bubble, with Martin saying "They said don't touch the idol!"

The color is a little janky because I switched it from CMYK to RGB, I think.